About us
Who we are and what motivates us.

Deliverain is a Deep Tech Company. We are a team of like-minded technologists passionate about bringing joy to our customers, in whatever we do. Our success is not only due to our quality of work; it's down to attitude, our approach, and the way we treat our clients.


Deliverain is on a mission to disrupt Industrial Operations by introducing computer vision and immersive computing to their processes. Through our vision intelligence platform, we establish an interactive relationship between man and machine allowing industries to optimize the safety, productivity and performance of their frontline technicians.

Our Vision
To empower every member of the global Industrial Workforce through Vision Intelligence.
Meet the people that make performance possible.

We are a team of likeminded technologists passionate towards bringing joy to
our customers, in whatever we do.

Vimalkanth Tummala
Gokul Rajesh P
Karthik Hassan Raju
Deliverain's Team
Throughout the history of tech business, people use technology to make the world a better place. Our mission at Deliverain is to democratize deep technologies such as AR-VR, Computer Vision, AI and Digital Technologies. We are not just all work..its a fun loving team that is as passionate about their Biryanis and Samosas, as their code. Meet our crew !!
Individually, "Rainmakers" are smart and passionate but when we come together as one, we are capable of reimaginig the world.