Scaffold™ - Vision Intelligence Platform
Reimagining Industrial Operations with Vision Intelligence
What is Scaffold™?

Scaffold™ is a Vision Intelligence Platform that combines the power of Computer Vision and Augmented Reality to power Industrial Operations. Scaffold™ uses Computer Vision and Deep Learning to detect equipment Wear & Tear; and provides Augmented Reality based Service Manuals to carry out Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul tasks.

Scaffold™ enables Industrial Workforce to perform their jobs with high levels of productivity and low error rates. The platform prepares the Industrial Workforce for the new Normal - The Digital Economy and through the process Scaffold™ helps accelerate Industry 4.0 Adoption.

Features and Benefits
AI PoweredInspections

Computer Vision based inspection of Industrial Assets

API basedIntegrations

Integrate Computer Vision APIs seamlessly into your Digital Properties

Virtual Self-Service User Guides

Augmented Reality based Virtual Self-Service Guides for Industrial Workforce

Software as a Service

Zero Capital Investment. Pay only for what you use with a pay-as-you-go model.

Entry Level Smartphone Support

Support for Smartphones with no AR Capabilities using Fallback Mechanism

Robust Security

State of the art infrastructure and architecture to secure your content

Who is it For?

Scaffold™ enables Industrial Workforce such as Operations Engineer, Inspection Engineers, Maintenance and Service Engineers, Field Service Engineers among others to carry out their daily jobs with improved efficiency. The platform's API based model enables integration with leading Service Management Platforms to track Service Requests.

Scaffold™ Insights Portal is used by Supervisors, Managers and Executives to measure the productivity, track health & safety incidents and cost savings. Scaffold™ Insights Portal is also used by the Learning/Training Team to create training content using our revolutionary 3D Content Management System for Industrial Workforce.

How to Use It?

After choosing the subscription model that works best for your business, your technicians simply have to download and install the Scaffold App on their smartphone and point the device camera at the equipment, part or component they are working on. The interactive self-service guide will start playing on their device to direct them step-by-step.

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