Industries We Serve
Scaffold enables multiple industries by providing them with an innovative enterprise Vision Intelligence solution that keeps their assets operating at peak performance.
Automotive Industry

Scaffold™ enables Service Technicians in the Automotive Service Industry to perform damage assessment;.the platform also helps with a frictionless Motor Claims Process and eliminated ambiguity in the Claims Adjustment Process.

Scaffold™ also provides Virtual Self-Service guides for Service Technicians to stay up-to-date about latest vehicle models and technologies. Deliverain's Creative Services team comprises of 3D Artists, Experience Designers and Visual Designers who combine years of experience to deliver best-in-class assets.

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Manufacturing and Process

Scaffold™ enables AI Powered Inspections using technologies such as Thermography to power Vision Intelligence at Manufacturing and Process Industries. The platform helps carry out risk based inspections to detect asset wear & tear.

Scaffold™ also helps carry out Remote Monitoring in hazardous work conditions to enhance worker safety. The platfor can also be used for defect identification in Factory Assembly lines.

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Retail and Consumer Product Groups (CPG)

Scaffold™ can be used to create Retail PLanograms for Retail Outlets, for powering automated self-restocking and for enabling cashless counters with the help of a Smart Shopping Cart.

Deliverain's ambitious Smart Shopping Cart project uses Computer Vision, Internet of Things and Deep Learning to enable an automated and smart shopping experience for consumers.

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