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Deliverain delivers Industrial Digitalization purpose-built for the Energy, Discrete Manufacturing, and Metals sector using leading-edge technologies.

Why Scaffold?

Scaffolds as structures are documented to have been used to build the Great Pyramids by the Egyptians. They were devised to assist in lifting heavy objects from one level to the next, with a series of lifts. Hoisted from the one level to the next, these structures helped the Egyptians accomplish the impossible

Scaffolds throughout the history of mankind has helped humans access the inaccessible and achieve the impossible.

On Shop Floors, only a certain level of efficiency can be achieved by Manual Operations and to help Plant Managers access the inaccessible and achieve the impossible, we conceived our version of Scaffold - An Industrial

We are driven by our values

Dream Big & make it happen

Sit et ipsa praesentium quas nemo nobis saepe. Porro harum et quos magni soluta qui dolores beatae.

Customer Delight Day in, Day out

Et aut ex ex rerum blanditiis omnis necessitatibus. Sequi adipisci perspiciatis ipsum.

Innovate to find meaningful solution

Eius quia et repellat veniam ullam ratione est. Nulla vel sed ad occaecati quia. Labore fugiat sunt eos.

Build with Humility No i in Teamwork

Labore quibusdam sapiente sit praesentium ut molestiae. Labore sit optio soluta quibusdam aliquid commodi.

Meet Our Team

Our founding team with over 20+ years of delivering industrial digital solutions have helped scores of manufacturing companies realize their dream, as they level us their operations.

Co -Founder & CEO
Co -Founder & C0O
Co -Founder & CTO

We are on a mission to deliver Smart Manufacturing, bridge the PHY-GITAL divide, and  help create a more sustainable future

April 2017

Commencement Of Business

April 2018

First Office Space (2 Seater)

August 2019

20 Member Team Size

May 2021

Conceived Scaffold

January 2022

1st Scaffold TAQA Neyveli

August 2022

Scaffold wins Powerthon 22

October 2022

Innovation grant from Meity

January 2023

Seed fund from SISF

May 2023

1st Multisite Implementation

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